Clashes and arrests in mobilizations of the "yellow vests" in France

Demonstrations took place for the 22nd weekend.

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Protesters of the "yellow vest" movement clashed today with riot police in the city of Toulouse, during the 22nd weekend of mobilizations against the government of President Emanuel Macron. Police used tear gas and arrested 23 people after hundreds of demonstrators threw objects and set fire to cars, machines and refuse bins. The crowd also tried to enter neighborhoods of the city, where access was denied.

A total of 5.000-6.000 protesters gathered on Allee Jean Jaures Avenue in central Toulouse and surrounding streets. Activists had warned on social media that Toulouse would be the focus of the 22nd round of rallies, prompting city mayor Jean-Claude Mouden to express concern over today's protests.

In Paris and other cities, most of the rallies were peaceful, but late in the afternoon, police arrested 27 people in the French capital. Small-scale clashes also broke out in Marseille. The French Interior Ministry estimates the number of protesters flooding the country's streets at 31.000, 7.000 more than last Saturday. 5.000 people demonstrated in Paris.

  • Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ.