"The Challenge": The first film to be shot in space

This is a cooperation with the Russian State Space Agency

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The movie "The Challenge" will be the first film shot in space in collaboration with the Russian State Space Agency.

The global film industry is trying to come up with new ideas to gain more and more viewers around the world. Among them is the one that was announced last May and concerns the first film that will be shot in space and more specifically on the International Space Station. Actress Yula Peresild traveled with director Klim Sipenko to shoot "The Challenge", accompanied by veteran cosmonaut Anton Skalperov.

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Actress Yula Peresild at ISS / © NASA

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The crew of the Soyuz MS - 19 before takeoff.


Staying in space for a while is not an easy process, which is why those involved went through training to learn the conditions that prevail outside the earthly atmosphere. The "Yuri Gagarin Center for the Training of Cosmonauts" was the training place of the small film crew which will remain for 12 days in space in order to complete the shooting.