The Third Lyceum opens - A plan for the gradual return of students

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The plan for the gradual opening of the various levels of education is announced on Wednesday

All the Ministries of the Government are in a fever of processes for elaboration of plans and plans for the gradual de-escalation of the restrictive measures, so that the Council of Ministers to decide next Wednesday (29/4) the Planning, which is expected to enter into force in the first 10 days of May.

The Ministry of Education is also fully mobilized, which appears ready to manage the heavy program of de-escalation of measures and the return of students to schools, of course taking into account the suggestions of experts.

As Offsite is informed, the return to the desks is expected to be done initially by the Lyceum students and especially the senior students, since these students have in front of them their final and introductory exams and therefore it is considered that the XNUMXrd Lyceum will be in the first wave of de-escalation of measures.

In fact, if deemed necessary and distances should be observed, it is not excluded that sections may be separated and more classrooms may be used.

At the same time, the Ministry of Education is monitoring the plans planned in Greece for the return of students to schools and, more broadly, the plans of other countries.

However, a competent source of the Ministry of Education, noted that if the Lyceums open until May 15 and taking into account that the exams will be in the last 10 days of June then this means that students and teachers will have at their disposal more than 4 weeks, "time which is not negligible ".

Meanwhile, voices for the opening of Primary and Kindergartens are heard by the majority of citizens who either own small and medium-sized enterprises or are employees in the private sector, arguing that the state can not talk about restarting the economy without children returning to school. even for the remaining time until the Summer holidays.

From the authorities' point of view, it seems that this is something that concerns them, since on the one hand they understand this argument but on the other hand the fact that the responsibility of many children of this age is taken by the grandparents, something that in this case can not be done , the State is oriented towards the de-escalation of the restrictive measures but at the same time it will call on the citizens to protect the elderly (and the vulnerable groups) while continuing to keep their distance.

Source: offsite