The Minister decides on the 3rd dose of vaccine - The Hadjipandela proposal

The proposal for a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine is before the Minister

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The proposal for the administration of a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine to specific groups of the population is presented to the Council of Ministers today by the Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipandelas.

The proposal was discussed and prepared in a wide-ranging meeting, held on Tuesday at the Ministry of Health, under Mr. Hadjipandelas, which was attended by officials of the Ministry of Health, as well as members of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SCC).

According to the information of KYPE, the Government and the majority of the members of SEE decided to proceed immediately in Cyprus to administer a third dose of the vaccine to specific groups of the population, after the recent increase of hospitalizations of the elderly with Covid in OKYPY hospitals, something that shows that the rate of immunity has decreased in some groups of the population.

The Legal Service was to be consulted on the matter, to ensure that there would be no legal impediment.