Athens: Cypriot students handcuffed for anti-Erdogan slogans

The Greek authorities removed a man wrapped in the Cypriot flag outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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20 Cypriot students were arrested by the Greek authorities on the morning of Thursday 07/12/23 in Athens.

According to the Greek media, the Cypriot students who were at the height of Rigilli shouted anti-Erdogan slogans and held banners.

As reported by the journalists who were at the scene, they were surrounded by MAT men who proceeded to bring them in.

At the same time, in a second incident, the Greek authorities removed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a man who was wrapped in the Cypriot flag.[0]=AZURVIlcfA_6bz71_28-13E9on-dzNFnBl7tZ2dtgcbyEYJ3NVCiKtEs071ty-5uqxIUGWVcHYIio92Mh3R1SI7ftEKCb4rane5dR26hcX1KKd7BPOe9VRkza2xSwM8g4g8jblVxvghUnBmX3P8iMYnPN4Gohho5HZ3pV2EtmC_tn10NjxmfmOKxgA-jHl2N3HA&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R