More permanent measures for the coronavirus are coming until the autumn

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Partial asterisk review of recent restrictive measures for Limassol COVID-19, proceeded the Advisory Scientific Committee that met extraordinarily yesterday morning through a teleconference, chaired by the Minister of Health Konstantinos Ioannou.

The change concerns the increase in the maximum number of people, in gatherings, a measure that will be re-evaluated depending on the epidemiological picture next week.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Health, the decision was made after carrying out two thousand laboratory diagnoses, as part of a random sample of ten thousand, which showed that the spread in the community seems to be beginning to decline and the situation is improving.

Therefore, it was decided that the maximum number of people in gatherings, Homes and public gathering places (excluding restaurants) in the Limassol District, be increased from 10 people to 50 people. The regulation will take effect from the time of issuance of the relevant Decree, which will most likely take place tomorrow.

As stated by Professor of Molecular Virology Leontios Kostrikis, "it has been agreed that the outbreak or resurgence that began in Limassol, is heading towards its solution. The measures we took seem to have worked properly. "

However, it was decided that all other measures implemented from August 1st on a pan-Cypriot basis remain in force, as well as those that were implemented in Limassol, also on August 1st.

However, during the meeting, it was decided that Greece should remain in the Beta category, after an extensive discussion between the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee and while a briefing had been given by a four-member committee set up by the Ministry of Health that contacted infectious disease specialists in Athens and examined the course of the pandemic in the country.

As Mr. Kostrikis characteristically pointed out "the issue was discussed extensively by all members of the Committee, with positions of all members and we came to a majority, that Greece should remain in Category B".

Mr. Kostrikis even revealed that next week, the Scientific Advisory Committee will take decisions on measures that will remain in our lives and daily life, until the discovery of a vaccine against Covid 19. Bringing a typical example.

"To determine, now nationwide, the new measures. Which will be long lasting, up to and including vaccination. The mask is expected to remain as it is ", he noted characteristically.

In the meantime, as announced by the Ministry of Health late in the afternoon, and in the context of the regular assessment of the epidemiological risk of countries in terms of the disease COVID-19, effective from Friday 14 August, Poland moves from Category A to Category B and Portugal moves from Category C to Category B.

It is noted, however, that during the meeting, the Minister of Health presented the recent report with the findings of the European Center for Infection Prevention and Control, which concern, among other things, mass gatherings such as concerts, festivals and festivals. Ringing the alarm bell to the youth.

Phenomena observed in other countries in this regard are sounding the alarm and are of great concern. The European Center for Infection Prevention and Control calls on states to refrain from organizing crowded events, which make it impossible to track down an outbreak.

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