EAC employees- They go on a two-hour work stoppage on October 24

The electricity supply will not be affected, only the attendance of people in the offices

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Work stoppage of EAC employees will take place on Thursday 24/10 from 7.30 in the morning until 9.30. According to what the President of SEPAIK Sotos Savva said on the ANT1 show "Mera Mesimeri", this is a two-hour work stoppage from which the public is not expected to be affected, only the attendance of people in the offices but as he said the electricity supply.

The main request of the employees is the restoration of their cuts. As Mr. Savva said after the Sessions of the general councils of the unions, he said that "we have reached the first stage in two decisions. First, that there should be informative gatherings of the staff in the workplaces will be simultaneous, on Monday, the 21st of the month from 7.30 to 8.30 to first inform the employees who have given the authorizations to the leaders of their unions and after Thursday 24/10 from 7.30 to 9.30 a two-hour warning work stoppage. "

As Mr. Savva explained, "the public is not expected to be affected, the offices will certainly be affected, the attendance of the people will definitely be yes. Not in terms of electricity supply. The staff necessary for the supply of electricity will be excluded. "

The reasons as he said are many and he referred to a press release which was sent to all media
together with a letter as he stated, which as he explained “We had sent then to the Board of Directors of the EAC, with all the issues that concern the employees.

We can divide these issues into two pillars and he explained who they are, while he concluded that if nothing is done they will proceed with escalation of measures and this will be decided maybe shortly before the 24th of the month, before the strike.

Source: ant1