The interim report of the Research Committee on naturalizations is published - See it as it is

See it as it is

hrysa diabatiria 6 interim report of the Research Committee, naturalizations

The interim report of the Chairman and the Members of the Research Committee, set up to investigate the exceptional naturalizations of foreign investors and businessmen since 2007, was published today by the Attorney General of the Republic, Mr. George Savvidis, as his previous commitment. until 17 August 2020.

The text of the interim report is attached here.

The published interim report shall delete those elements which cannot be made public first, for the purpose of protecting possible criminal investigations which may be ordered and consequently the rights of potentially accused persons and secondly, for the purposes of complying with European Union law. , namely the protection of personal data and the safeguarding of the ongoing infringement procedure against the Republic of Cyprus. The deletion of the data in the content of the interim report, as it is published today, has the consent of the Research Committee and the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection.

Regarding the evaluation of the interim report by the Legal Service, it is evaluated by the Chief Prosecutor and legal officers of the Criminal Department in order to forward it to the Police for the initiation of police investigations.

Furthermore, tomorrow the Attorney General of the Republic will file an Appeal to the Supreme Court in accordance with Article 139 of the Constitution, calling on the Court to declare that the Decision of the House of Representatives dated 22 April 2021 is invalid and without legal effect. was taken, inter alia, without authority and / or competence and / or in violation of the provisions of the Constitution and the Principle of Discrimination of Powers and / or in violation of European Union law.