Savvidis also takes evidence against the 15 police officers

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They "lock" the indictments before the Court

The step to take the case of the 15 police officers who are being prosecuted for the handling of the Police in the cases of the serial murders of foreign women and children will be taken within the next few days. The 15 police officers were charged on June 04, 2020.

The new Attorney General George Savvidis will receive the files with the evidence concerning each of the 15 police officers separately. In this way, the Attorney General in his first (somewhat unpopular decision) will be able to register the cases before the Court.

They decide if it will be 15 or 7

The last touches, ie the evidence - (testimonies, videos, etc.) before the cases are registered in the Court, will be entered by the Authority for the Investigation of Allegations and Complaints against the Police. The Corps of Investigators that conducted an investigation and suggestions to the former Attorney General Costas Clerides. The number of files with the data that will be submitted to the Legal Service has not been clarified yet: Either it will be 15 - that is, one for each police officer, or seven - which will concern a file for each victim of the serial killer.

The president of the Authority, Andreas Paschalidis, stated that whoever they are, the files will not change the indictment, since the police officers have already been charged. It is noted that the former Attorney General ruled: The prosecution of 15 members of the Cyprus Police Force, including police officers, sergeants and officers, in relation to the way they handled these cases with the charge of committing criminal offenses involving: of official duty by Public Officials, in violation of Article 134 of the Penal Code, Chapter 154.

It is noted that for the police officers, who were not deemed necessary to be made available, the presumption of innocence is valid until the court proves their guilt beyond any reasonable doubt.

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