Moments of horror outside a school – He pulled out a knife and threatened a student for... a team jersey

The situation with hooliganism is getting out of hand - A man pulled a knife on a student because he was wearing a team sweatshirt!

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An incredible incident took place outside a Lyceum in Limassol on the occasion of a football team jersey, after an adult man allegedly pulled a knife against a student!

The incident occurred at 7:00 a.m. on Thursday outside the Laniteo Lyceum, when according to the information, an extracurricular adult man approached a student of the Lyceum shortly before he entered the school unit in the morning and asked him to take off his sweatshirt because he had soccer team badge! The student started running towards the school and the man actually followed him. He took out a knife and, threatening the minor, said "I'll rip it off you if you don't take it off".

The attacker, after grabbing the sweatshirt, ran away to be arrested later by the Police.