They robbed a jewelry store - They put them in suitcases and became "smoke"

They stole the gold, put it in suitcases and ran away

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A jewelery shop in Paphos was burgled in the early hours of Thursday, with the attackers placing the jewelery in suitcases before fleeing.

According to the Police, the information they received concerned the burglary of a goldsmith's shop in Archbishop Makariou, in Paphos. Specifically, at 1:45 in the morning, the owner of the jewelry store received a message on his cell phone that the alarm in his store had sounded, for a violation in the jewelry store he maintains in the shopping center of Paphos. He immediately informed the Police, whose members rushed to the scene.

The alleged assailants – three in number according to preliminary investigations – allegedly entered the jewelery shop and took away almost all the jewelery in the jewelery shop by placing it in suitcases and then fled.

The store has a closed monitoring system which is evaluated by the investigative authorities.

The examinations are continued by the Paphos Crime Detection Department.

Source: KYPE