With Michalis Hatzigiannis as Deputy Minister of Culture, the Christodoulidis Government?

These are the names rumored to be "locked in" for the new Cabinet

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It seems that the final "touches" are being made by the composition of the Council of Ministers of the Government of Nikos Christodoulidis. The consultations with the ruling parties seem to be coming to an end, so that the composition of the new government can be announced.

According to what is heard, the names that appear to be locked are as follows:

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Konstantinos Kombos
  • Minister of Finance: Makis Keravnos
  • Minister of the Interior: Konstantinos Ioannou (former Minister of Health)
  • Minister of Transport: Alexis Vafiadis
  • Minister of Labour: Yiannis Panagiotou
  • Minister of Education: Athina Michailidou
  • Minister of Health: Popi Kanaris
  • Minister of Agriculture: Petros Xenophonos
  • Minister of Defense: Michalis Giorgallas
  • Ministry of Justice and Public Order: Anastasia Papadopoulou or Anna Prokopiou Koukkidou
  • Deputy Minister of Tourism: Kostas Koumis
  • Deputy Minister of Social Welfare: Marilena Evangelou
  • Deputy Minister of Shipping: Marina Hatzimanoli
  • Deputy Minister of Culture: Michalis Hatzigiannis
  • Government Representative: Constantinos Letympiotis

The most likely thing is that the cabinet will be announced on Tuesday morning and it is possible that there will be further twists and surprises.