DISY closed the door on Christodoulidis - Vote of conscience but "not on defectors"

In a tense climate with anti-Semitism and tensions, the political office of the DISY said definitively "no" in support of Christodoulidis - "No to defectors" from members and Ministers of the party

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In a tense atmosphere with favoritism and tensions against those who supported the point of view of choosing the candidacy of Nikos Christodoulidis, the meeting of the political office of the DISY was completed on Tuesday evening, with which the door was finally closed to Nikos Christodoulidis. The welcome to Averof Neofytou was proof of the rallying climate towards him that was created before the elections and sends messages regarding his candidacy for the Presidency of DISY. President Anastasiades, although according to the information he tried to reward Christodoulidis support, which Prodromos Prodromou also did, causing the anger of the party members who greeted the latter with flattery. As for Nikos Anastasiadis, although initially the information wanted him to be present at the political office, nevertheless the climate proved that he would probably receive a similar reception.

They are leaning towards the candidacy of Mavroyiannis

However, what has become apparent in the last twenty-four hours and is strongly expressed by DISY voters is the "not optimal" through a punitive vote for the former DISY Government Minister and support for the independent candidacy of Andreas Mavroyiannis. As has been intensely discussed in the last hours, on the one hand the support for the person of Nikos Christodoulidis will be a pardon for the "betrayal" suffered by the Synalarmikos world and on the other hand the support for Mavroyannis will be a support for AKEL. Despite all this, the support of an independent candidate from the right wing, with whom the positions in the Cypriot party converge, seems to facilitate the cross of preference towards his person.

Karousos: "No to defectors"

The Minister of Transport, Yannis Karousos, was particularly strong against the candidacy of Nikos Christodoulidis. The former partner of the candidate, who is supported by DIKO, EDEK, DIPA and KEKK, told the Alarmists that a vote for Christodoulidis would be support for a renegade and dissident as well as humiliation for the faction. The possibility of supporting Nikos Christodoulidis, said Yiannis Karousos, will open the way for the intervention of defectors and not only, while he essentially supported the personality of Andreas Mavroyiannis.

Vote but... not for Christodoulidis

Although in the wells outside the Conference Hall, most executives said that they would personally vote for Andreas Mavroyiannis, Kaiti Kliridou was clearly in favor of him, speaking of the need to overcome, the mayor of Pafos Phaidonas Phaidonos while the intention in favor of Mavroyiannis was also former MP Rikkos Mappouridis and also Ioannis Kasoulidis. Andreas Mavroyianni was also "photographed" by Konstantinos Petridis, speaking of the "confusion" supported by Nikos Christodoulidis, referring to the parties that support him. The deputy minister to the president Petros Dimitriou, the Mayor of Idalio Leontios Kallenos, and the MP Onoufrios Koullas also openly opposed Christodoulidis. DISY press representative Dimitris Dimitriou as well as Michalis Sofokleous, Anastasia Anthousi, Annita Dimitriou, Michalis Hatzipantela and Efthymios Diplaros also supported a vote at will.

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Wave of support for Averof Neofytou

Characteristic was the reception reserved by the Alarmists for Averof Neophytou who was applauded proving the dynamics towards his person despite the defeat in the first round of the elections. What seems to prevail, now, among the majority of DISY voters is that the defeat of Averof Neophytou came from the apostasy and division caused by Nikos Christodoulidis. In this climate, the President of DISY announced an electoral conference on March 11, clarifying how he will be a candidate. However, it remained open whether the rest of the leadership will also resign from her position.

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Prodromou's pre-childhood and Tornaritis

However, a sensation was caused by the fact that during the Politburo, journalists who were present in the room, but mainly the Minister of Education Prodromos Prodromou, who was abused by executives for his position in favor of supporting Christodoulidis after the defeat of the elections, were insulted. And Nikos Tornaritis spoke about voluntary voting, clarifying that he personally will vote for Nikos Christodoulidis, resulting in cheers from those present. In favor of Nikos Christodoulidis, former Larnaca MP Zacharias Zachariou as well as the former Minister of Health and major shareholder in a well-known online media, Konstantinos Ioannou, came forward.

Christodoulidis is "flirting" with DISY

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Christodoulidis, however, sent a letter to the President of DISY on Tuesday calling for the party to have a significant presence in the government. He even emphasized that they have common positions on economic issues as well as on foreign policy issues. While DISY refrained from responding to the letter of Nikos Christodoulidis, the latter was publicly supported by SEK and also by the Association of Agonists before the convening of the Politburo.