The strongest photos of the past week

The strongest photos of the week

nasa iliovasilema psaria festival Associated Press Greece best photos of the week

Photos that vividly capture the most important events that happened in the previous days from one end of the world to the other. The most representative images of the week should have some key ingredients: Colors, passion, tears, effort, survival, joy, and pain. That is, all that makes us human.

The wise people say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Then you definitely do not need many words for the following photos. In the pictures that follow they are condensed what happened in the world last week.

All the magic of the universe in one image

nasa tileskopio Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

This week NASA unveiled the most detailed images of the universe that humanity has ever seen. Groundbreaking images of galaxy clusters, exoplanet atmospheres and dying stars are just the beginning for the James Webb Space Telescope, which astronomers say has ushered in a new era of space observation. Capable of examining deep space farther than any other telescope and at a level of detail never seen before, the Webb Telescope aims to understand the origins of the universe—scanning the early cosmic history and the birth of astronomical objects.

Santorini, Greece: Greece's most famous sunset

santorini iliovasilema Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

The most famous sunset in Greece, that of Santorini, every year attracts thousands of tourists to the volcanic island of the Cyclades. Here, a woman poses for a photo against the backdrop of the sunset outside the wrought iron enclosure of Assumption Catholic Church, Wednesday, June 15, 2022. The St. Catherine convent is home to more than a dozen nuns.

Tokyo, Japan: The Last Goodbye

shinze abe dolofonia Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

Tokyo residents wave goodbye to the hearse carrying the body of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as it leaves Zojoji Temple after his funeral. Abe was assassinated last Friday, with the assailant shooting him in the back during his election campaign in Nara, western Japan.

Milan, Italy: The Spectacular 'Deer Moon'

italia panselinos Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

July's full moon rises over the 'Mr Arbitrium' sculpture by Italian artist Emanuele Giannelli that rests on the Arch of Peace. The full moon, also known as the "Deer Moon" or super full moon, offered people around the planet unique, photographic clicks.

Paris, France: Spectacular Bastille Day celebrations

gallia bastille Associated Press, Greece, best photos of the week

Fireworks light up the Eiffel Tower in Paris during Bastille Day celebrations. This is a very important day in Paris, but also in the whole of France. The annual military parade on the Champs Elysées started from the Arc de Triomphe and ended at the Place de la Concorde.

Lake Mead, Nevada: Nature suffers from climate change

limni psaria Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

Dead and desiccated fish placed by a visitor to Lake Mead National Recreation Area appear to "emerge" from the desiccated earth near Boulder City, Nevada. The area, once under the waters of Lake Mead, dried up as the water level dropped.

Colombo, Sri Lanka: Effervescence and anti-leadership in the worst economic crisis in the country's history

sri lanka000 Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

Police fire tear gas as angry Sri Lankan protesters storm Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's office, which has been turned into a battleground, demanding his resignation after President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled the country amid a financial crisis - the worst in history of Sri Lanka. Finally, the citizens' request for the resignation of the country's leadership was heard.

Pamplona, ​​Spain: Taming the bull

festival ispania Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

A bullfighter tries to tame the bull during the 'Recortadores de Anillas' at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona in northern Spain. Thousands of people flock to the city every year to attend the city's famous festival, which has been suspended for the past two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Vinnytsia, Ukraine: Punch in the stomach the images of war

oukrania rosia polemos Associated Press Greece best photos of the week

Russian troops launched a rocket attack in the center of Vinnytsia - three rockets hit an office building, the Officers' House, and nearby residential buildings were also damaged. In one of the deadliest attacks since the start of the Russian invasion, around 50 cars burst into flames at the point of impact, with young children among the victims. Like the little girl who was in the stroller in the photo and had gone for a walk with her mother, shortly before the attack.

Jerusalem, Israel: Reaction of a small child

biden 1 Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

The US president, Joe Biden, in a childish, one might say, reaction as he stands with Israeli president Isaac Herzog at the Israeli's residence in Jerusalem. Joe Biden traveled to Jerusalem as part of his first trip to the Middle East, a veritable exercise in balancing the Middle East, tensions with Iran and negotiations with oil-rich Saudi Arabia.


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