The strongest photos of the past week

The strongest photos of the week

ellada purkagies vretania kupros oukrania Associated Press Greece best photos of the week

Colors, passion, tears, effort, survival, joy, pain. If a picture is worth a thousand words then surely not many words are needed for the photos below.

They are condensed in the following images what happened in the world last week. See how his camera captured it Associated Press the events that have taken place in the world in the last seven days.

Nicosia, Cyprus: The heavy cross that "carries" the island since 1974

kupros 3 Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

Atmospheric sunset image of the graves of soldiers killed during the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus at the Makedonitissa Tomb military cemetery during the 48th anniversary in the divided capital Nicosia, Cyprus. Several thousand Greek and Cypriot soldiers were killed in 1974 during the Turkish invasion and subsequent occupation of the northern part of the island of Cyprus.

Kharkiv, Ukraine: 'Playing War'?

oukrania rosia polemos 1 Associated Press, Greece, best photos of the week

Two 11-year-old boys, Maksym and Andrii, in the innocence of their age imitate the adults and "play" war themselves. Holding plastic carbines, they salute Ukrainian soldiers passing through a checkpoint on the highway in the Kharkiv region.   

New York, USA: The Last Goodbye

tramp ivana Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

The last goodbye to Ivana Trump, who passed away suddenly last week, was said by her family and her ex-husband, Donald Trump, by whose side was his current wife, Melania. Here in a snapshot captured by the camera lens of the dead family members, Barron, Ivanka and Eric, outside the Roman Catholic church of St. Vincent Ferrer after their mother's funeral.

Hong Kong, China: Tribute to the Lost Panda

panda 1 Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

An Ocean Park visitor takes a photo to mourn the death of Chinese giant panda An An in Hong Kong. The oldest male giant panda in captivity has died aged 35 at a Hong Kong theme park after his health deteriorated.

Rome, Italy: The die is cast

paraitisi ntragi Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

Prime Minister Mario Draghi's national unity government has collapsed, with Mario Draghi stepping down as the country's prime minister after key coalition allies boycotted the confidence vote. A move that marks a new period of uncertainty for Italy and Europe at a critical time.

France: Biking on the edge of the cliff

gallia podilata Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

Cyclists taking part in the Tour de France test their endurance and adrenaline by literally riding on the edge of a cliff. In the photo they make the route from Lourdes to Hautacam during the 18th stage of the event.

Attica, Greece: A hug for thank you

ellada purkagies2 Associated Press, Greece, best photos of the week

The most representative, perhaps, photo from the fire in Penteli that hit Attica a few days ago. Firefighters and police officers remove an elderly woman from her home as flames engulf everything around her. Hundreds of residents of the area were asked to leave their homes after the large forest fire that broke out northeast of Athens, fueled by strong winds.

Barcelona, ​​Spain: Deadly heatwave

ispania kausonas Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

Desperate residents of the country are looking for breaths of coolness in any way, during the unprecedented heat wave that has hit the country. More than 500 people have died in Spain in one of the deadliest heatwaves ever to hit the country. Many other European countries are also experiencing extreme heat this month attributed to climate change.

Kavala, Greece: The wreckage of the fall

ellada purkagies Associated Press, Greece, best photos of the week

Another tragic incident that shook Greece last week. On Saturday, in the village of Palaiohori near Kavala, an Antonov cargo plane crashed while en route from Serbia to Jordan. All eight passengers of the Soviet-made An-12 turboprop, operated by the Ukrainian cargo company Meridian, unfortunately lost their lives.

London, Great Britain: The Melting Soldier

vretania kausonas Associated Press, Greece, the best photos of the week

Despite the unprecedented temperatures that last week swept Great Britain, members of the Royal British Guard are patiently standing in place. The country experienced one of the most historic heat waves in history with the mercury even touching 40,3 degrees, while its tragic toll is 13 deaths.


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