Meeting with the Undersecretary Shipping was the Mayor of Paralimni

if Theodoros Pyrillis, Shipping, Nea Famagusta, Beaches, Ministry of Shipping

A meeting was held today at the Municipal Palace of Paralimni with the Deputy Minister of Shipping Mr. Natasa Pileidou and representatives of the Ministry, with the Mayor of Paralimni Theodoros Pyrillis and the Beach Inspector of the Municipality George Economou.

As mentioned in an announcement of the Municipality of Paralimni, in the meeting which took place in a very positive atmosphere in order to develop cooperation for the implementation of actions that will serve the sea area of ​​the Municipality, various concerns were raised as well as suggestions of the Mayor of Paralimni.

Theodoros Pyrillis, according to the announcement, focused on the operation and activity of coastal vessels in the sea area of ​​Paralimni and specifically on the way the sewage tanks are emptied in the area where they are delivered by the ferry, but also on the increased need for more substantial control. their. The Mayor of Paralimni and the Beach Inspector of the Municipality, George Economou, requested that safety valves be defined in the way the sewage is delivered from the coastal vessels, with the Deputy Minister being particularly positive in this request of the Municipality.

The Mayor, the announcement states, stressed that the amendment of the existing legislation regarding the coastal vessels is a chronic and burning issue for the tourist Municipalities. He characteristically stated that the safety of the vacationers on the beaches of the Municipality is a primary issue of the Municipality for the summer period, and, so the boat boats should not approach the buoys of the bathers' areas.

Finally, reference was made to the management and maintenance of the government dock in Protaras, where although several ferry vessels are already active, the state has not yet implemented maintenance projects, while at the same time its operating regulations are pending.

The Undersecretary, according to the announcement, thanked the Mayor for the constructive discussion they had, stating that the Undersecretary of Shipping awaits in writing the concerns and requests of the Municipality, projecting a positive mood for developing cooperation with the ultimate goal of improving, reviewing and implementing .

Respectively, the Mayor of Paralimni thanked Ms. Peleidou for the practical, as the relevant announcement states, showing interest in Paralimni and Protaras, noting the undivided assistance that the Ministry of Shipping can offer to the Municipality to improve significantly many projects in the marine area.