Trump's change of attitude towards NATO

CEB1 433 News, USA, NATO, Donald Trump
CEB1 433 News, USA, NATO, Donald Trump

"US President Donald Trump described NATO as a" shield for international peace "during a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Trump, who had caused concern in Europe by calling NATO "obsolete", told a news conference that the North Atlantic Alliance was "no longer obsolete", but stressed that NATO member states needed to increase their defense spending.

"I said it was outdated. It is no longer obsolete, "said the US president, noting that NATO was adapting to a wider operation against Islamic State, which it had called for.

At the same time, the Republican president thanked the members of the Alliance for their support for the US decision to launch 59 cruise missiles against a Syrian airport in response to the chemical weapons attack allegedly launched by Damascus. The US president said it was time to end the Syrian war.

For his part, Stoltenberg pointed out that he had an excellent and productive meeting with Trump at the Oval Office.

In addition, Donald Trump today drew attention to his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, stressing that he will wait to see about future relations with Moscow.

The US President stressed that relations between the US and Russia are at a very low level, noting that "it would be wonderful. . . if NATO and its country can do well with Russia. "

At the same time, he noted that the meetings held by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Moscow, which included a meeting with the Russian president, went much better than expected.

Finally, the President of the United States stressed that his government is ready to handle the North Korean crisis without China, if it deems it necessary.

Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping last week and spoke to him by telephone last night.

"President Xi wants to do the right thing. "We made a very good connection, I think we have very good chemistry together, I think he wants to help us with North Korea," said Donald Trump.

"We talked about trade, we talked about a lot, and I said that the way to reach a good trade agreement is if you help us with North Korea, otherwise we will handle it ourselves, and that will be fine, but that "Managing it alone means that we will act together with many other countries."

Source: Newsbeast