Greece: 300 train passengers remain trapped for 16 hours (Video)

The suffering of about 300 passengers of a train that was immobilized due to the problems due to the bad weather is unbelievable.

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The suffering of about 300 passengers of a train that came to a standstill at the height of Oinoi since noon on Monday is unbelievable.

Speaking to OPEN, a passenger said that the train started at 14:20 on Monday from Lianokladi, however due to the problems from the bad weather it stopped in Oinoi.

According to the GRTimes website, the Athens-Thessaloniki train came to a standstill due to the heavy snowfall in Oinoi, early Monday afternoon, with passengers waiting in the cold and workers trapped unable to return home.

Until now, the passengers remain inside the train, waiting for their "odyssey" to end and to finally reach their destination with the temperature below zero.

According to GRTimes, the employee of the ticket office of OSE Thivas, Dimitris Frousios, "all the lines are immobilized due to the bad weather and there is no information from above on how to manage the situation", while he added that "there are employees from factories who have to move in Chalkida, and they are waiting from 15:20 at the station of Thebes, without a train running and without being informed, as a result of which they are waiting in the cold to return home ".