Greece: Due to bad weather, all buses and trams in Athens are withdrawn

Polar temperatures and rare phenomena

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The onslaught of bad weather "Elpis" is very severe, which shows its "teeth" with polar temperatures and rare phenomena, such as the snowstorm in Greece.

Apart from the island of Greece, the mainland is also dressed in white, while Attica is in the last hours in the eye of bad weather and is tested by heavy snowfall that reached the beach.

The OASA even announced that due to the intensity of the weather, all buses and trolleybuses have been withdrawn from the depots.

Indicative are the satellite images of the National Observatory of Athens /, which show the clouds of vertical growth that have developed in areas of the Aegean, Evia and Eastern Sterea since the morning hours of Monday (24/01).

These clouds, in combination with the very low temperatures, result in the occurrence of heavy snowfalls and snowstorms up to coastal areas.

It is noteworthy that the lightning recording system of the National Observatory of Athens, "ZEUS", has recorded lightning in parts of the Eastern Continent and the Sporades, areas where it has laid it for good.

These heavy snowfalls and snowstorms caused severe problems in the road network of Eastern Sterea including Attica.

Metro traffic to and from the airport was stopped

As STASY announced, the traffic of the Metro trains to and from the airport was interrupted due to the snowfall.

Metro passengers in the direction of the airport are transferred to Doukissis Plakentias station on the Suburban Railway.
Also, the traffic on the whole network was restored on the tram, with the terminal at Syntagma stop

Electric: Itineraries in the section Piraeus - Irini

Heavy snowfall has also caused problems on Metro Line 1 (Electric).

The traffic is carried out in the section Piraeus - Irini, while according to STASY the snow removal works in the section Irini - Kifissia are in progress.

Which roads are closed

At the same time, Katehaki Avenue is closed due to heavy snowfall. Specifically, the traffic was stopped at its junction with Kokkinopoulou Street at the height of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, but also at the height of the Mediterranean.

A similar picture on Mesogeion Avenue, with drivers immobilized for at least one hour from Agia Paraskevi to Ampelokipi.