Greece / Final: The date of the students' return to school

The change in the protocols "locked"

ieiiieie Thanos Plevri, Schools, MINISTER OF HEALTH

Normally, as scheduled, the schools will open on January 10th. This is the government's proposal to the experts, who are meeting today (04.01.2022) at noon.

Immediately after the meeting of the experts, the official announcements will be made about how and when the schools will open after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The announcements for the schools will be made by the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris and the Minister of Education Niki Kerameos.

"Something dramatic must be done to change the decision," a man with knowledge of the data told And in the end it did not change, since the government's suggestion is for the schools to open on January 10, but with new data regarding the protocols, which are changing.

What does this mean; How the self tests from two a week will become three and will be done by vaccinated children.

If a case is detected in a classroom, it will not only be traced to the children sitting next to the sick child but to the whole class, even to the teachers.

And in case of mass cases, the bar should be lowered from 50% + 1 to 40% + 1 case or even to 30% + 1 to close a department and follow distance learning.