Angry response from the mother of the three girls - "How is it possible for me to kill my children?"

The parents from Patras gave their first public interview, where they talked about the death of their three daughters.

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Their first public interview was given by parents from Patras, where they talked about their death of three girls within three years.

The parents of the three unfortunate children from Patras, spoke for the first time in front of the cameras about how the three little brothers died prematurely and unexpectedly. The parents spoke to Star and the show "Truths with Zina" in an interview that lasted 60 minutes.

Patras: What did the parents of the three children who died within three years say?

"Until 2019 when the Malena he had a swelling in his throat, everything was going well "says the father and the mother adds:" the pediatrician gave us the appropriate antibiotic but the swelling did not go away. The doctors did not find anything. At some point a harder lymph node was found and the diagnosis of leukemia came out. Eventually in the hospital where he was treated he woke up suddenly, could not breathe and died. The child looked at me and died in front of me. "The tests that followed showed liver failure."

"How come all the tests are good and the child dies?" wonders the father.

"I put her to bed that night as I always did. I was with my sister and at 02.30 I went and covered her, as I did at 07.30. At 11.00, when my sister came in, she found her dead in the crib with a cloth full of blood ", says the mother who adds:" on the panic, I tried to resuscitate her. I have finished a TEE, I have not finished nursing. I did not make it and the child ended up. Unfortunately, the pictures were also seen by Georgina».

"While I was sleeping with her Georgina, jumped and made convulsions. She was bruised on her lips. Out of fear we just took her to the hospital "says the 33-year-old about the third death:" we took her to Karamandaneio. We were told that all this was psychological and we were told that we would be discharged. She had other tests and was told she had gastroenteritis. The child woke up again in his sleep and was drowning. He told us he could not breathe and called the doctors. They saw those pulses raised and oxygen raised. He also had a fever. Because some people emphasize that she has always been a mom, I want to emphasize that every mom would do the same. Every mom would be next to her child. So all this is silly "he emphasizes characteristically.

Ο father remembers about Georgina: «The child was well and had 100% communication. "He was a child out of heart who danced with an appetite for life." Her mother remembers the last moments: "The child was telling me, mom, are you sleeping? He did not want me to sleep. I could see in the oxygen that something was wrong and I wanted to call the doctors. Suddenly he wakes up and falls back. I was panicking and calling the doctors. They ran and after a 55-minute effort they brought her back ".

"The Georgina stayed in the ICU, regained consciousness and was piped. Everything was going well. We get to his point defibrillator. We decide to go in to insure the heart. He went to Onassis and did the same episode the first night. I was not there before. The child was intubated. They informed us by phone about what happened to her ".

"In Onassis he had a problem with another germ that overcame it. Then I myself asked to go in more. They allowed it for the child's psychology. Mr. Papagiannis put a defibrillator on her and clarified to me that the child has no heart problems. He told me to look into the matter of oxygen. "

As the parents say Georgina gathered and tried to regain her rhythms. "The child was as before, as if nothing had happened," says her father, and the mother adds: "After 7 months, however, she started not eating and vomiting. We were told to get in Pediatrics of Rio. The night was calm, he slept without vomiting. The second night we watched TV and he made us a huge episode with convulsions, as a result of which he was transferred to the ICU. We do not understand how it came about. "

The mother continues her story about Georgina: "they put her in a Pediatric room and the episode is repeated. We were both together I was not alone. To clarify this because some ignorant people mention it. When the first bradycardia occurred, the doctors were in front. "Then the pacemaker worked for the first time."

As the parents remember, at that point the doctors who were trying to avoid intubation brought her back. "We were told to go to Athens and look for it."

For everything that was written, the parents answer: "Our life became a serial, they did not let us mourn our child". "The mother is afraid to leave her house," the father says of his wife.

What the mother answers about her studies

"Our lives have been made public and we are being criticized by keyboard judges for smiling," said the 33-year-old mother. "I do not disagree with the anger of the people because obviously there are crimes and criminals but we are not criminals," he added.

"We have already started legal proceedings against journalists who write inaccuracies," he said.

"The keyboard judges are criticizing us because we smile," the two parents said elsewhere.

When asked about her studies at Open University, the mother said: "From a young age I had an appeal in the medical field, this does not mean that when someone reads works of research content or mystery can even kill (…) Manos gave me some seminars at the Open University for criminology. "There they do not teach you to kill but to solve crimes."

The mother's response to the landlady's death

The parents said they have not received an answer for death of their first child and estimated that they would now take all the answers together. "A family when it has problems, does not mean that it will kill its children to bring back the man or the woman" continued the mother of three children from Patras.

Responding to what was heard about death of the landlady which was described as sudden and that the mother was with her when she died and both said that this is not the case. Specifically, the mother of three children said that at the time her wife had died, she had just given birth to Iris and was in bed with caesarean sections.

Finally they mentioned that if it had happened genetic testing when Malena died, they were told she had died of kidney failure, they might not have had other children. They also referred to the termination of pregnancy, before Iris's death, saying that they had been told that they would either hold the child at their own risk or wait for the genetic test to be completed.

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