EXTRAORDINARY: Toxic gas inhaled by little Georgina - What does the forensic examination show

New data in the case of the death of the three girls in Patras

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New data in the case of the death of the three girls in Patras

According to the research of more than a month and waiting for the toxicological examinations, it seems that the necropsy, necropsy and the scientific examination of the 9-year-old girl show lesions in the nose bone of Georgina, which is said to come from inhaled gas, toxic or poisonous.

It is characteristic that apart from the so-called "statistical paradox" of the three deaths in the Patras family, there were indications that something strange was happening, especially in the case of little Georgina.

All possibilities are open

If these records are confirmed, it means that all possibilities will be considered and whether this toxic substance has had a catalytic effect on the deterioration of the girl's health. From there, of course, the investigations of the authorities will take their course in order to look for any actions behind this development.

Thus, after the Homicide Officers of the Security of Attica are informed in detail about all the data and given that the results of the toxicological examinations are expected tomorrow or Wednesday, they will open the first round of 15 people who will be called to testify. These are doctors and nurses who handled the case of little Georgina.

New elements

New elements are constantly coming to light for the "thriller" of Patras. As police editor Vassilis Lambropoulos told MEGA, pediatricians in Patras point out that they were particularly concerned about the fact that the girls had health problems when they were in the single room, without the supervision of doctors, while when they were in the ICU they did not have episodes of concern. .

All this had created clear suspicions among the doctors and they had considered the possibility of placing cameras in the places where Georgina was treated, although in the end this plan was not implemented.

The choice of the single

In addition, the mother in an interview had claimed that the children were left in a single room, because that was what the doctors had suggested. However, what the mother says contradicts the claims of the doctors, who revealed that the stay of the children in a single room was invoked by the mother of the girls, who told them that she was a few weeks pregnant and was dizzy.