Mourning for little Georgina and her 2 brothers: Why all 3 children "left", the doctors' estimates

Fate showed its hardest face to Manos Daskalakis and his wife Roula Pispirigou who in just three years, suddenly lost all three of their little girls. Read more at Famagusta.News oi-ektimiseis-ton-giatron /

thrivos gia ti mikri tzortzina kai ta 2 aderfia tis giati efygan kai ta 3 paidia oi ektimiseis ton giatron MANOS DASKALAKIS, Patra

Tragic "blow" of fate for the Daskalaki family - 9-year-old Georgina "passed away"

Endless grief has spread in Patras 9year Georgina, the eldest daughter of the Daskalaki family.

Fate showed its hardest face to Manos Daskalakis and his wife Roula Pispirigou who in just three years, suddenly lost all three of their little girls.

Roula and Manos Daskalakis, 3 years after the loss of their only 3,5 year old daughter Malena who was diagnosed with acute leukemia, and almost a year after the sudden death of their 6-month-old daughter, "lost" their eldest daughter , 9-year-old Georgina.

The sudden halt in April 2021 and the battle to stay alive

In April 2021, the then 8-year-old Georgina was hospitalized at the Karamandani Children's Hospital, when she was suddenly stopped. The doctors brought her back on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and after she was admitted to the Children's ICU of the University Hospital of Patras, she managed to emerge victorious and return home.

Her mother then posted on social media thanking the doctors and those who supported the family.


"Return to our house !!! You gave a great fight to stay alive Andreas Iliadis who the first moment he received you in his arms said this child will succeed and so it happened, that's why you owe him and we owe him your life which most important for us does not exist at the moment ..

All the doctors and the nursing staff were impeccable and above all people for that and we want to thank them publicly .. Petros Stamiris together with our dad rock next to t spent many nights awake outside the intensive care unit ..

Lefko Parisi like a real rock next to us and this every day and every hour we spent these 3 months .. Mantha Kretsi thank you very much with the videos from our gluer Anastasia we laughed for the first time, you really raised your children with principles and education..our families in Patras and Athens also stood by you and next to us with agony and nights out throughout this struggle !!

your teachers at school and I was always discreetly by our side..the messages from many strangers, another simple interest and a simple prayer, brought little Georgina home again !!! The road is big from now on and the best is yet to come », her mother had written on social media.

Because all 3 children "left"


The sudden loss of all three children of the family shocked the doctors and at the same time has caused concern in the scientific community.

The Director of the Children's ICU of Rio Hospital, Andreas Iliadis, who had managed to bring 9-year-old Georgina back a few months ago, revealed speaking to that the first tests performed did not show any genetic problem.

According to information, the autopsy of the 9-year-old in Patras has already been scheduled by the head of the Forensic Medicine Service, Angeliki Tsiola.

"These are three sudden events in three children" said he was concerned and added that the 9-year-old's organs would be sent to a specialized center for the discovery of gene syndromes: "It is in the thoughts, an idea that came from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, to send some organs of the 9-year-old child that we lost so suddenly to a specialized center for the discovery of genetic syndromes to see if we are dealing with such a case. It is too early to say anything about this. It is an effort that will be coordinated by the medical examiner Mrs. Tsiola who will also perform the autopsy. But it is too early to say anything. We are still talking about an effort ", said Mr. Iliadis.

The loss of 3,5 year old Malena


On April 13, 2019, the smile of 3,5 year old Malena “passed away” as she was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia and within a few days she ended up ..

"Her lymph nodes were swollen. We looked for her in Patras, all her exams were clean. We went to "Aglaia Kyriakou", stayed a few days and, after a myelogram that was done, he was diagnosed with leukemia. We were hospitalized for six days in "Elpis". The doctors did what they could. The child was fine. His leukemia was 100% curable. And the child was opposed.

The doctors were all very good. I can not say that something went wrong. The principal, when she found out, ran, came over the child and said "why to you?". The child had nothing to do with the other children in there. The child ran all day. He was dancing, singing the night before. And he was disturbed in his sleep at noon.

In nine hours her lymph nodes were swollen, in nine days she died. The child would come out of the hospital 100 percent healthy. It was a coincidence, logically, an event. But, the child "left" and does not return, no matter what happens. We have another little girl, older, five and a half years old and we are trying to be strong for that. I'm telling you so raw and it sounds tragic, but I can not do otherwise. Because I'm the only one in the house who has to be kept, somehow. "There is a mom, there is another child, who is a raki", had stated the father of the unfortunate little girl.

Two years after the death of their daughter, the 6-month-old baby died suddenly

The family tried to stand on their own two feet after the tragic loss of little Malena and the joy was great when 7 months ago their baby came to life.

One Saturday night in March 2021 the smile froze on their lips when they found out that the 7-month-old baby had bruised in her sleep. The baby was received by an EKAB ambulance and transported to the Karamandani Children's Hospital.

According to information, an attempt was made to resuscitate him both in the ambulance and in the Children's Hospital, but the baby could not be kept alive.

Condolences from the mayor of Patras

The Mayor of Patras, Costas Peletidis, expressed his deep sorrow for the tragic and unjust death of 9-year-old Georgina, who mourned the parents of Roula Pispirigou and Manos Daskalakis once again within three years and shocked her community.


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