Rape in Thessaloniki: The first reaction of the 24-year-old after the toxicological ones

The 24-year-old's side is expected to request a review of the samples

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Her own response to the announcements of EL.AS. and the forensic service of Thessaloniki regarding the results of her toxicological examinations, gave the 24-year-old Georgia Bika.

It is noted that the results of the toxicological tests that were sent yesterday to the Aristotle University from Switzerland and reached the hands of the 5th investigator in Thessaloniki showed that a 24-year low level of alcohol was found in her body, while no drugs or medicines were found.

"The results are all negative for substances. "Even alcohol is minimal, which is insignificant," said sources close to the 27-year-old involved.

The case, however, is expected to draw even more, since the 24-year-old's side is expected to request a review of the samples, the results of which will take a few days to come out.

The forensic examination, according to EL.AS, took place the next day (s.s. from what happened on New Year's Eve) at the Forensic Medicine Service of Thessaloniki, where five swabs were obtained with smears of the patient for determination of biological material (DNA), the which were handed over to the Police the next day.

The answer of the 24-year-old

According to the 24-year-old, "that day I went to the police from the first moment, a policeman took my testimony, during the testimony and while I had said that I was in this hospital they did not give an order not to clean the specific room, they changed shift so the policeman who came said that you are wrong to take a statement from the girl and you have not ordered not to clean the room "and then gave the order.

"They did not give me urine collectors, they told me that I should go and get them. "I searched for about 40 minutes, I could not find them because I could see vaguely. I put on GPS and with great difficulty I managed to find a pharmacy and I came back but they did not tell me at that moment to give me the urine".

Source: in.gr