Rape case in Thessaloniki: What Stavros Balaskas says about urine collectors

What is the protocol for a girl who is a victim of rape

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The subject of the toxicological examinations of 24-year-old Georgia, who fell victim to gang rape in Thessaloniki, turned into a thriller, according to which no drugs were found, while minimal alcohol was found in the urine.

The issue with the urine collectors provoked different statements from both sides.

In its announcement, EL.AS. He stressed that "in consultation with the Forensic Medicine Service of Thessaloniki, she was given two sealed urine collectors, which were previously examined macroscopically by police officers of that Service, as there were suspicions of drug or other addictive substances in it. The above urine collectors were kept in a cold environment (refrigerator) in a safe place, always according to the instructions of the Forensic Medicine Service, until Monday, January 3, which were delivered to the Laboratory of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of AUTh ".

For her part, she replied: "They did not even give me urine collectors (the police). I was told I had to go out and go shopping. I was looking for about 40 minutes to find a pharmacy. I was blurred. With the help of GPS I found a pharmacy and when I returned no one told me that I had to give urine at that time ".

"We kept them in the fridge"

"There are no urine collectors, no blood samples are taken at the police stations. In this particular case, the responsibility was given by the Forensic Medicine Service and that is why the urine collectors were granted to Georgia, so that we can keep them in the refrigerator of the police station ", says today at Proino the trade unionist of EL.AS Stavros Balaskas. "We have complained that in Athens and Thessaloniki we and the cuckoo are. It is being investigated whether he went to the pharmacy. We do not have urine collectors, "he added.

"When a girl is in a hurry, if you are conscious she will immediately go to the Police to report it. The police officer must take her statement and give her a note to go to the medical examiner on her own, unless she has been beaten. This is the protocol "said the trade unionist of EL.AS.