Gionis for Cyprus: "I made revelations and they ask me what number of cement I wear"

"There are people in the Cyprus police who have tentacles everywhere and I can not trust them. I do not know what else we have to see in the coming days "

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Gionis for Cyprus: "I made revelations and now they ask me what number of cement I wear"

The Greek activist returns to his reports about the involvement of Cyprus in pimping circuits. This time through ERT, Elias Gionis gives his own version regarding the attitude he maintains towards the Cypriot and Greek authorities.

He said he was receiving threats to his life. The activist, who made known in Greece the case of the rape of the 24-year-old in Thessaloniki, speaking to ERT, revealed that behind this case is a network that has been operating for many years and is involved in human trafficking, gambling, drugs, weapons and even pornographic sites. with minors.

The activist who has the trust of victims of sexual violence, through his profile on social media, makes revelations and brings to light cases that were unknown.

"I'm an amateur and I'm doing some research. "I do not have any data and I do not have the tips to be able to conduct a research that will help both the Greek and Cypriot authorities," he said on the show From Six.

Speaking on ERT's morning show, Mr. Gionis reiterated that because of this action he receives threats on social media and his phone with expressions such as "what number of cement do you wear on your feet" and threats that "I am starting to look like the murdered George Caribbean ".

And as he said, "there is a large circuit in which police officers from all the cities that have been mentioned are involved (including Greece and Cyprus) while he warned that if" tomorrow - the day after tomorrow I am found murdered, the facts will be revealed ".

Answering a question about the extent of his complaint about a pimping circuit that reaches as far as Cyprus, he stated that he is skeptical about his cooperation with the competent authorities. "There are people in the Cyprus police who have tentacles everywhere and I can not trust them. I do not know what else we have to see in the coming days. "

According to him, no police representative called him to provide assistance or protection. Regarding the request of the Cypriot authorities to assist in the investigations into the pimp case, he explained:

"An email has been sent by the authorities of Cyprus which I had not seen. The police authorities in Greece know who I am and where I am. "I have been late to send the material I have from the sources because I have evidence that in every city that is involved in the circuit, there are some police officers who are involved," he complained. And as he stated, when necessary he will submit the data he has.

"This network has existed for many years in Greece and Cyprus and in other countries and is involved in cases ranging from gambling, human trafficking, drugs, arms trafficking to the trafficking of material on pornographic sites with minors. I have these complaints from the people and the local community. I am verifying them with data and I do not know what else we will see in the coming days ".

According to Maniana Kalogeraki, ERT correspondent in Cyprus, the Cypriot authorities are trying to reach the end of this thread, asking for the assistance of activist Elias Gionis.

"The police have left voice messages on Mr. Gionis' cell phone, since they can not talk to his lawyer," Ms. Kalogeraki said in the report.

For his part, the activist said he would work together to unravel this whole tangle.

Nikos Rigas, vice-president of the Attica Police Officers Association, also spoke on the issue, saying that "these are serious cases. No one has reason to be afraid. Anyone with information should contact the police. Women need to report similar behaviors. There is specialized staff in ELAS, so there are results ".

A response that provoked the reaction of Mr. Gionis who, once again, expressed his reservations about the role of the Authorities in the clarification of such cases, complaining that "the Authorities of Greece and Cyprus are hindering".

Regarding the revelation about the rape of 24-year-old Georgia, Mr. Gionis stated that "the rape of the girl in Thessaloniki is an occasion to do something to expose this huge circuit. Right now the people who see me are protecting me. "Without them I could not be here."