Expatriate kills his partner with a sword in New York (pic)

"He is not a professional killer. He is psychopathic "

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An expatriate in New York is accused of killing his partner, who allegedly stabbed her with a sword in his house.

According to local media, citing police sources, the killer is said to be 37-year-old Peter Economou, who is accused of stabbing 35-year-old Midi Singer to death at 1:40 on Tuesday morning.

The perpetrator even called for Immediate Action (911) and claimed that there was a robbery that resulted in the death of his partner.

However, during his interrogation, the authorities concluded that he was the perpetrator of the tragic incident.

According to a report by MEGA, the perpetrator's mother had gone to the apartment to visit him because he did not answer the phone. When he got to the spot, he found him in a state of amok, closed the door for her and then went out on the balcony himself shouting that he had killed someone.

He then called the police and said that criminals had entered his house.

So far its motives for action have not been known, nor how the sword was found in the house.

Eyewitnesses report that, when the police arrived at the scene, the alleged perpetrator was in a state of amok.

"He is a psychopath," claims a friend of the victim

"I have known Midi for years. She was very cheerful, lively, full of life. Tender, affectionate, every time I was close to her I felt more alive. He had an animating energy.

The guy who killed her was her teenage love. They lived together and then she left his house, and he had texted me that he was trying to get away from him.

That day, he took Immediate Action. Is a liar. He was trying to rid himself of what he was doing. He is not a professional killer. "He is a psychopath," said a friend of the victim.

Source: News247