France: A man surrendered along with the head and genitals of his victim

He pointed to the authorities who will find the rest of the body

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A man appeared at a police station in southeastern France on Friday (7/1) and confessed to killing another, showing evidence of his victim's head and penis, which he was carrying in a backpack.

"A man went to the Friesian police after cutting off a man's head and penis," Provence-Alpes-Cανte d'Azur police said in a press release.

The judicial police clarified to the French Agency that the 38-year-old perpetrator "showed a human head" and "was immediately taken to the department and was taken into custody". The detainee was known to the authorities for various minor offenses.

According to the local newspaper Var-Matin, which revealed the news, the investigations continued at the 38-year-old's house, where the other parts of his victim were found. The motives of the crime have not been made known at this time.