Long operation last night in Chloraka - New arrests

The new operation took place at 5 pm, until midnight

xlorrakakasim FFXC business, midnight, ARRESTS, Chloraka

The Police continued its coordinated operations for policing the community of Chloraka, yesterday. The new operation took place at 5 pm, until midnight and was attended by members of the Paphos Police Directorate, the Paphos Crime Prevention Unit, the MMAD, the Paphos YAM, the YKAN (Paphos Ladder) and the Airport Security Directorate (Airport) .

According to a Representative of the Communication Branch of the Police Headquarters, during the operation, an inspection was carried out in an apartment complex in Chloraka, for violations of the decree concerning the installation of international protection applicants in the said community.

A total of searches were carried out in apartments and three persons were identified who were staying in violation of the decree and after being charged in writing, were released to be summoned later.

At the same time, a total of 85 vehicles were stopped, of which 32 were investigated, as well as 48 persons. The audits revealed 19 traffic complaints. The operations of the Police will continue at a later stage.

KYPE source