Moments of horror for a 27-year-old: They entered his room while he was sleeping and robbed him

47-year-old handcuffed - 26-year-old wanted

klopi 1 Theft, Paphos

The Paphos Police proceeded to arrest a 47-year-old man to facilitate investigations for an investigated case of theft from a residence and illegal possession of property, while a second 26-year-old person is wanted for the case.

According to the Assistant Police Director of Paphos Operations Michalis Nikolaou, on 27.12.23 at 4:10 in the morning a 27-year-old permanent resident of Paphos reported that on the same day and around 3:45 in the morning, while he was sleeping, someone allegedly entered the room and took the sum of 60 euros, his mobile phone worth 1.300 euros, as well as another mobile phone worth 170 euros, all with a total value of 1.530 euros.

From the visit of the members of the ADE Pafos to the scene, it was established that the perpetrator entered the residence through a sliding window, which was unlocked.

Yesterday Thursday, following information given to the Police, members of the Paphos TAE conducted an investigation in a specific apartment in the Chlorakas area where a 47-year-old man lives.

Also during the investigation, a mobile phone, two watches, two tablets and a number of gold jewelry were found for which the tenant did not give satisfactory explanations.

Subsequently, the 47-year-old was arrested for illegal possession of property. Afterwards, the 27-year-old complainant inspected the stolen items and recognized his phone worth 1.300 euros that had been stolen from his residence. An arrest warrant was issued against the 47-year-old for the crime of residential burglary and he was re-arrested. Then, Mr. Nikolaou told KYPE, during the investigation of this case, testimony emerged that the rest of the property was taken from various places and with the involvement of a 26-year-old who happens to be the son of the 47-year-old. An arrest warrant was issued against the 26-year-old and he is wanted. The examinations are being continued by the Paphos Police.